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There are a range of granular, pelletised or liquid fertilisers available. For commercial growers most products are available in 1t Bulka bags or 20L, 200L and 1000L drums. Pricing and availability can be confirmed by contacting our commercial sales team.

  • Katek Super Booster 25kg

    Katek Super Booster 25kg

    $18.95 Each
  • Katek Super Growth 25kg

    Katek Super Growth 25kg

    $27.00 Each
  • Katek Fruit & Citrus 18kg

    Katek Fruit & Citrus 18kg

    $29.00 Each
  • Katek Neptune 1L

    Katek Neptune 1L

    $13.00 Each
  • Troforte Superfeeder CRF 700g

    Troforte Superfeeder CRF 700g

    $10.95 Each
  • Blood & Bone Fertiliser 20kg

    Blood & Bone Fertiliser 20kg

    $39.95 Each
  • Katek Super Growth Liquid 1L

    Katek Super Growth Liquid 1L

    $13.00 Each