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Designed for functionality these pots are made of durable lightweight material making them easy to manoeuvre. These designer pots wonderfully suite the modern urban environment.

  • Egg Planter Large

    Egg Planter Large

    $112.95 Each
  • Egg Planter Small

    Egg Planter Small

    $45.95 Each
  • Egg Planter Medium

    Egg Planter Medium

    $67.95 Each
  • Tall Villa Large

    Tall Villa Large

    $249.95 Each
  • Tall Villa Medium

    Tall Villa Medium

    $147.95 Each
  • Tall Villa Small

    Tall Villa Small

    $98.95 Each
  • Clovelly Planter XLarge

    Clovelly Planter XLarge

    $181.95 Each
  • Clovelly Planter Large

    Clovelly Planter Large

    $136.95 Each
  • Clovelly Planter Medium

    Clovelly Planter Medium

    $90.95 Each
  • Clovelly Planter Small

    Clovelly Planter Small

    $45.50 Each
  • Bellagio Planter Large

    Bellagio Planter Large

    $138.95 Each
  • Bellagio Planter Medium

    Bellagio Planter Medium

    $83.50 Each
  • Bellagio Planter Small

    Bellagio Planter Small

    $55.95 Each
  • Deep Bowl Small

    Deep Bowl Small

    $72.50 Each
  • Deep Bowl Medium

    Deep Bowl Medium

    $144.95 Each
  • Deep Bowl Large

    Deep Bowl Large

    $216.95 Each
  • Deep Bowl XLarge

    Deep Bowl XLarge

    $289.95 Each
  • Trough Medium

    Trough Medium

    $99.95 Each
  • Trough Large

    Trough Large

    $199.99 Each
  • urbanLITE Asher Trough Large (100x46x46) Lead

    urbanLITE Asher Trough Large (100x46x46) Lead

    $189.95 Each
  • urbanLITE Asher Trough Medium (80x35x35) Lead

    urbanLITE Asher Trough Medium (80x35x35) Lead

    $109.95 Each