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  • Cedar Chip™ 60L

    $9.50 BagCedar Chip Mulch is a medium 20-25mm golden ochre coloured enhanced woodchip that is well suited as a decorative mulch, but also has many other uses in the garden that are useful to any gardener, landscaper, contractor or environmentalist. Read Full Product Information
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    Cedar Chip is a 20-25mm graded decorative mulch made from recycled plantation timber & wood waste. This product works particularly well in formal
    gardens, highlighting feature plants, hedges and structual lines. Mulching reduces evaporation, keeping plant roots cool in summer and warm in winter.
    It also suppress weed growth, and encourage earthworm activity. The Ochre colour is non-toxic, making it safe to use around people, pets and plants.
    Tip: before mulching add some fertiliser and water in well, as Cedar Chip will fade over time. Every few months lightly rake over the mulch to brighten up the depth of colour. All mulches should not be unloaded directly onto driveways or other surfaces
    without a tarp or similar. Mulches can leak colour, tannins or other substances that may stain surfaces like concrete. Customers who bought this product
    also bought Troforte All Purpose Fertiliser.
    One bag covers approximately 1sq metre at 50mm thick.
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