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  • General Purpose Potting Mix in Bulka Bag

    $149.00 Bulka BagGeneral Purpose Potting Mix is a garden soil designed for potting new plants & topping up planter boxes or new wall units. Order in store or online today! Read Full Product Information
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    ANL’s General Purpose Potting Mix® is a potting mix designed for planting of new plants, topping up of existing hanging baskets, planter boxes and new
    wall units. This mix contains a slow release fertiliser additive to help support the growth of newly and established potted plants including flowers,
    vegetables, herbs, shrubs, bougainvilleas, succulents, citrus trees, pelargoniums, geraniums and cacti.
    It is recommended that with potting up of plants, a soil level within the pot is at least 100mm deep. For Improved growth, applying a slow release fertilizer
    will also help add more minerals to the soil, helping also to speed up plant growth. When planting, make sure the plants are well watered in and water
    should be regularly applied to the pots within the first three weeks.
    This product comes in a 1ton/1m3 single use crane lift bag.
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