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Looking for inspiration? Why not take a look at our range of outdoor garden furniture, statues, ornaments and water features to add that something special to your garden. Visit us in store to browse our full range.
If you’re looking for that something unique, send an email and let us know what you have in mind. Unique pieces often come our way and we may have just the thing for your garden.

  • Vegepod Small

    Vegepod Small

    $189.00 Each
  • Vegepod Medium

    Vegepod Medium

    $299.00 Each
  • Vegepod Large

    Vegepod Large

    $449.00 Each
  • New Half Wine Barrel

    New Half Wine Barrel

    $240.00 Each
  • New Half Wine Barrel Liner Included

    New Half Wine Barrel Liner Included

    $295.00 Each
  • Whole Wine Barrel

    Whole Wine Barrel

    $290.00 Each
  • Vegepod Stand Large

    Vegepod Stand Large

    $189.00 Each
  • Vegepod Trolley Small

    Vegepod Trolley Small

    $169.00 Each
  • Vegepod Trolley Medium

    Vegepod Trolley Medium

    $199.00 Each
  • Vegepod Stand Small

    Vegepod Stand Small

    $79.00 Each
  • Vegepod Stand Medium

    Vegepod Stand Medium

    $99.00 Each